Yenidoğu Online ELT Conference 2020 | Yenidoğu Okulları



The event will be held on Microsoft Teams as live webinar series. The attendees will receive the access link for the conference via e-mail after registration.

During the conference, you will receive another e-mail requesting to fill a survey form about the event. Please notice that only those who fill the form will get a certificate and have the right to take part in the raffle which will be held after the event.

This is a free event arranged by Yenidoğu Schools as a social responsibility project to contribute to the improvement of education in the pandemy conditions. As it is, you may still consider to donate to IHH or other trustworthy charity institutions to disseminate the goodness and benevolence.

After the event, there will be a raffle to share the gifts provided by our sponsors (You can see the sponsors contributed to this event in the “Sponsors” section). The raffle will be implemented using an online tool, the whole process will be documented and the results will be announced in this website two days after the event. Again remember that only those who fill the form sent during the conference will have the right to take part in the raffle.



The English Department of Yenidoğu Schools is proud to have the first Yenidoğu ELT Conference that will take place online, on 30 May 2020.

In today’s world, everyone can access education and now learning is open to all. In the light of the current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey and all around the globe, online learning has become a great tool to help eliminate borders and barriers, both social and physical. This current situation is forcing the educators to re-consider strategies to manage the changing nature of teaching and learning.

Language is the most fundamental and powerful means to connect to other people and cultures. Thus, in these extraordinary days the most important question for us to consider as educators of language is “how we can enhance our students’ abilities to focus on online learning”.

The theme of our conference is “How to be (or not to be) an Inspiring Teacher in the Digital World”. The event will be a good opportunity to focus on some useful methods and experiences that our respected guest speakers will share with us.

We promise you a memorable day and cordially invite you to join us in this event on Saturday, May 30th, 2020.




Creative Online Activities as a Motivation Booster

Baking, making, chatting and acting! Creative ideas for active online learning. We can boost our students’ interest and motivation by engaging their hands, mouths and minds in unexpected but enjoyable ways. Inspired by flipped classroom principles, this presentation offers a few sample activities that are planned and delivered using today’s online setting. Let’s shake up the routine and support purpose-driven skills practice.

The 5 Essentials of Dynamic Online Lessons

Online learning and teaching needn’t be a struggle or a poor substitute for ‘the real thing’. Many institutions and countries have been moving towards embracing online lesson components for some time. But now, we find that we are all suddenly online teachers, and many are on an unexpected roller-coaster learning curve!
This is, in fact, a great opportunity for teachers and students alike. So, if you want to find more ways to engage and motivate your learners (and yourself!) please join us in this fun and useful session!
These 5 essential elements apply to every lesson type, for all age groups and levels.

Reimagineering Ourselves as Teachers & Learners for the Post-COVID Classroom

The prediction was that, moving from the 20th into the 21st century would lead to widespread reimagineering of teaching and learning processes across the globe. Even with the appearance of Generation Z students in our classrooms, this did not fully occur. It took a global pandemic that forced every child into an educational lockdown for that process of reimagineering to take place.

In this webinar, Dr. Tony Gurr will explore many of the changes that were forced on both teachers and students during the COVID crisis. While many believe that it was essentially a transition grounded on technology, Tony will demonstrate how a successful transition to remote instruction was essentially the result of the effective adaptation of good learning and teaching practices to the remote context.

Gamification and CLIL

“Producing Effective CLIL material” and “to gamify your lessons” are much more important under these days’ circumstances. So the talk cover headlines such as:
Helping Unmotivated Students.
Involving parents in ELT game.
21st century skills and how to achive them with generation z.
And as a bonus subject: “Signature Lesson Structures”



Mustafa Ünal
The classy side of
Classical Powerpoint

We can do everything by ourselves in a few hours without having to pay for anything; because almost everything is literally at our fingertips, thanks to the internet. So, how can we still employ our imagination in a world where everything is ready?

The speaker tells us that innovations and rapidly changing technology entice us to jump from one app to the other without ever being able to develop a degree of expertise on any of them. He, then, demonstrates his thoughts through a concise and interesting Powerpoint presentation, showing us what we could achieve if we avoid neglecting using our imagination and don’t settle for run-of-the-mill digital application features.

Melhem Aladas
Red Pill In Teaching

The title “Six Illuminating Ideas for Teaching English Creatively” gives us a sense of necessary change in language learning and teaching in terms of 21st century skills in this era. The speaker is taking us from the point of “who we are” to the point of “who we can be” through some steps. He emphasizes “awareness” as a first step to win this challenge.

Red pill requires courage. You might feel alone while trying something new, and you might feel really crowded while some are laughing at you. Remember that: “Other pills are already expired!”